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Mariyam Nafees states that actresses are not prostitutes

Mariyam Nafees states that actresses are not prostitutes
Mariyam Nafees states that actresses are not prostitutes

Pakistan boasts a vibrant and diverse entertainment industry, with numerous talented actresses leaving an indelible mark both within the country and internationally. These actresses have showcased their prowess across various genres, portraying compelling characters and narratives that resonate with audiences

Mariyam Nafees in recent conversation she talked about Actresses they are not Prostitutes

Mariyam first posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation in which she was messaged by an unknown number who claimed to have spotted her at the LUX Style Awards. The unidentified person asked her if she could spare a few moments to “plan for a meeting.” They said, “For some personal time,” when questioned about its purpose. You may specify the sum.

Mariyam was furious and said, “Bet your mum is ashamed to have a child like you.” She mocked the individual by calling them a “swine,” telling them that not all women are up for purchase. Married or not, this never stops! she wrote beside the screenshot she posted on her Story. “Actors are not prostitutes!” In a another screenshot, she revealed the person’s name, number, and other information and declared, “I fully plan on exposing them all.

She Plan To Expose Them All

In yet another screenshot, the star was seen conversing with someone on Facebook Messenger, wherein the person who approached her was seen talking about “political level parties and bold shoots.” To this, Mariyam said, “Go pimp somewhere else!”

She shared the screenshot on her Instagram Story and asked, “Is everyone doing the same thing?”

The celebrity created a question button on Instagram to explain her position to her followers after receiving “a lot of questions and opinions” in response to her screenshots. Someone enquired as to whether she had located any of the offenders. She responded, “Apparently pimps and debauchees Some of them have previously expressed regret after being revealed. Yes, my ‘people’ are looking for them.

We should respect every women either she is Actress respect all woman’s.

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