Here Is Why The Drama ‘Mein’ Is Witnessing A Decline In Ratings

Here Is Why The Drama 'Mein' Is Witnessing A Decline In Ratings
Here Is Why The Drama 'Mein' Is Witnessing A Decline In Ratings

Pakistan’s rock stars are Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali. It is a little surprising to learn that despite both of them acting in the same drama, it is not receiving any ratings.

Here are some reasons why this drama isn’t worth watching, even though occasionally things like a poor plot or monotonous storytelling make viewers tired!

Here’s Why “Mein” is losing viewers despite having a cast full of celebrities. Even with such a great ensemble and outstanding performers,

Pakistani drama Main is unable to attract viewers’ interest. However, the following are a few explanations for why nobody is drawn to watch “Main,

Ayeza Khan As Mubashra Role

Although playing a negative character appears to be quite simple, it requires a lot of effort off screen. Recently, Ayeza Khan has taken on a slightly strange and spoilt appearance.

It’s the first time she’s chosen a persona this negative. Fans believe that she acts more like a psychopath and frequently lashes out at other people.

But Mubashra was a challenging role to play. For her to play this role effectively, she needs to learn how to better regulate her emotions.

several believe that Mubashra’s character has several serious problems. She’s merely playing the part of the pampered girl. who put herself first at all times.

The majority of the time, people lose interest in drama because of Ayeza Khan’s ranting outbursts. While some believe Ayeza Khan has lost all of her drama charm and that nobody is interested in seeing her.

Fans have also voiced their opinions about the shortcomings in Mein’s plot. “It was never a good script to begin with,” a user wrote.

You say it has lost its charm. It was rubbish from the start, dude. Another said, “Ayeza lost her charm; she thought to write better scripts.

Supporting Roles Weakness

Dramas do revolve around their main characters, but what about the supporting cast? They hold equal importance as the primary lead part.

The primary reason why audiences lose interest in drama is because the key characters, such as Usman Peerzada and Eijaz Aslam, don’t perform well enough to command attention.

Flaws in Storyline

Even with the best performers chosen, a drama needs a strong storyline to hold the interest of the audience. Fans, however, believe that the on-screen chemistry between Zaid and Mubashra was lacking.

Similar to how Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi appeared in the drama Tere bin before. Their chemistry is so endearing and captivating.

Supporters believe that the main plot of this drama is based on bipolar disorder, which most viewers are ignorant of.

They ignore the signs and behaviours, believing Mubashra to be a typical person caught in a difficult circumstance, despite the fact that she suffers from mental illness, is unable to handle stress, and lacks the mental stability to behave calmly and logically due to brain imbalances.

Wahaj Ali as Zaid Role

Zaid, played by Wahaj Ali, didn’t do a very good job of expressing himself. As he worked diligently to become Zaid. Tere Bin, his play character, was incredibly polite and modest as always.

His delivery of dialogue and manner win his fans. However, he decides to veer off course in Mein. Since he didn’t get along with any of the other drama characters. in particular with Mubashra.

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