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Heartfelt Message from Urwa Hocane to her Mother on her Birthday

Heartfelt Message from Urwa Hocane to her Mother on her Birthday
Heartfelt Message from Urwa Hocane to her Mother on her Birthday

On Thursday in the afternoon, Urwa Hocane posted wonderful images and a touching message for her mother’s birthday on her Instagram account.

Happy birthday, @raziamakhdoom, my lovely Amma! With the two photos of her with her parents, she wrote, “Infinite thanks and love for everything you have done for me, for making me the person that I am today, and I learn from you every passing day to be nicer & ever so amazing.

Today I just want to say to you that you have had a very difficult life than usual and I have seen your resilient and inspiring journey as your daughter and even more so as your friend and partner in our household,

I just want to remind you today like most days to live a little for yourself, I see it’s very difficult for you as you have always been all about your kids and their dreams but this is my wish for you today that you do all the beautiful travels & adventures,” she continued.

Hocane continued with a string of happy emojis, “I love you so much and the family you have made loves you so very much.

A social media user questioned the actor about the dress she was wearing in the photos and inquired as to “how many times” she planned to repeat it.

Hocane responded, “jitni dafa mera dil karayga (as long as I would like to) & until it is good enough to be re-used.” Thousands of her followers liked the post and sent the celebrity mother warm birthday wishes.

Fans praised Hocane for her thoughtful reaction and her subtly imparted lesson on eco-friendly fashion.

In other developments, Urwa Hocane and her famous spouse Farhan Saeed just revealed that they are expecting their first child together on Instagram.

You should attempt reusing your clothes as well because it saves money and especially time, which should be valued more highly than material possessions, she continued. P.S.

Try to avoid asking the stupidest questions and promoting negative spending behavior’s; it will save you a lot of time.

Urwa Hocane, whose full name is Urwa Tul Wusqua Hussain, is a well-known Pakistani actress and model

She began her career as a VJ (Video Jockey) and soon transitioned into acting. Her acting debut was in the 2012 Urdu television serial “Meri Ladli.” However, it was her role in the hit TV series “Udaari” (2016) that gained her widespread recognition and critical acclaim. The show addressed important social issues and showcased her acting prowess.

Urwa Hocane’s on-screen presence, charisma, and versatile acting abilities have made her a sought-after actress in both television and film. She has worked in numerous successful TV dramas and ventured into the Pakistani film industry, starring in movies like “Na Maloom Afraad” (2014) and its sequel “Na Maloom Afraad 2” (2017). Her performances in these films were well-received.

In addition to her acting career, Urwa Hocane is a well-known fashion model and endorses various brands. Her fashion sense and style have made her a fashion icon in Pakistan, and she is often seen on the covers of fashion magazines.

Urwa is part of a talented and well-known showbiz family; her sister Mawra Hocane is also a popular actress and model. The Hocane sisters have garnered a considerable fan following for their talent and glamour.

Urwa Hocane’s journey in the entertainment industry, from her beginnings as a VJ to becoming a leading actress and style icon, is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her acting talent, combined with her fashion sense, has solidified her position as one of Pakistan’s most prominent and beloved stars.

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