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Pakistani film Gunjal to hit Theaters on December 15

Pakistani film Gunjal to hit Theaters on December 15
Pakistani film Gunjal to hit Theaters on December 15

The highly anticipated movie “Gunjal,” which is helmed by Shoaib Sultan and produced by Nighat Akbar Shah, is scheduled to open in theatres on December 15th, as per a recent Instagram post.

A movie poster was shared in the grid by Nighat and Gunjal’s official Instagram accounts, generating excitement for the upcoming release.

As stated in the post’s caption, Adur Productions created this crime thriller with inspiration from actual occurrences.

It says, “We’re bringing you an emotional journey that is based on true events: Gunjal (Entangled), which follows journalist Shahbaz Bhatti’s journey as he investigates the murder of child activist Irfan Masih. It reads: “In a whirlwind of sentiments.

In Pakistan during the 1990s, Irfan valiantly battled against the practise of child labour.

On September 30, the official trailer was released, with the initial release date scheduled for December 8, 2023.

The film’s story, which revolves around the real-life journalist Shahbaz Bhatti and is expertly portrayed by Ahmed Ali Akbar, is teased in this almost two-minute clip.

Bhatti sets out on a treacherous quest to learn the truth about the death of child activist Iqbal Masih, a brave man who fought valiantly against the evil of child labour in Pakistan during the 1990s.

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