Is Taylor Swift Genuinely Involved in Practicing Witchcraft?

Is Taylor Swift Genuinely Involved in Practicing Witchcraft?
Is Taylor Swift Genuinely Involved in Practicing Witchcraft?

The majority of people are aware that this is just the most recent nonsense from a few discredited politicians, like Hank Kunneman and Kandiss Taylor.

Kandiss Taylor, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Georgia governor last year on the platform of “Jesus Guns Babies,” has accused the singer of “celebrating witchcraft” and including “some satanic nods” in her performance.

Most normal people know that’s this is just latest crap from some failed political figures such Kandiss Taylor and Hank Kunneman.

Kandiss Taylor, who made an unsuccessful bid for Georgia governor last year on a “Jesus Guns Babies” platform, has accuse the singer of putting “some satanic nods” in her show and “celebrating witchcraft.

Kandiss Taylor’s comment regarding Swift’s alleged descent into darkness seems to have been influenced by Swift’s Instagram post from the previous month.

Swift said she was watching videos of fans “dancing and prancing and recreating choreography, creating inside jokes, casting spells, getting engaged, and just generally creating the exact type of joyful chaos we’re known for” in the post, which made reference to her “Eras Tour” concert film.

In response to Kandiss Taylor’s absurd charges, someone said, “Are you really that stupid? Don’t respond to that. Obtain a true education. You just write this because you wish to gain more followers.

Another person wrote, “Karen, please sit down.”

Another said, “It’s okay if you and the other women of Klanned Karenhood turn on Taylor.” “More tickets are available for the strong, independent women who attend her performances (and if all the Wine Moms boycott, maybe I can get tickets for my 17-year-old).” FYI, no true Christian passes judgement on others.

The MAGA supporter, pastor, and self-described “prophet” Hank Kunneman most recently accused Taylor Swift of practicing “satanic rituals and witchcraft,” saying the 33-year-old singer is part of a conspiracy that also includes Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company.

A Facebook video of Kunneman preaching to his flock was shared, and in it, he made the perfect lie to his vax-averse followers: “Have you ever noticed that everything on TV is supported by Pfizer.”

“What’s the deal with the Kansas City Chiefs right now? Everyone seems to be praising a woman or girl who, based on her concerts, practises witchcraft and satanic rites.

Why would you want to furnish your house with such items? Once more, you mention blinding yourself. Is it coincidence that she is seeing the football player, “Mr. Pfizer”? Do you not believe that there is a connection in any way?

Carole Bulger responded to a post on X that featured the sermon, saying, “Taylor Swift is the best role model for girls in America right now.”

Michael Rincon stated, “MAGA Christians are claiming that Taylor Swift is using Satanic power over people going to her concerts, but Taylor Swift is using her celebrity status to help people register to vote.”

While @AmenWokeJesus stated that Kunneman’s actions are not “Christlike,” user @lilyswaller referred to Kunneman as a “false prophet and lying tongue.

It’s important to note that the singer faced accusations of promoting witchcraft and Satanism during her April tour. This came about after some conservative Christians took offence at what they perceived as “a bit of theatrical stagecraft” and took to social media to vent about it.

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