Erica Robin Shares her Perspective on the Misinterpretation and Misconception

Erica Robin Shares her Perspective on the Misinterpretation and Misconception
Erica Robin Shares her Perspective on the Misinterpretation and Misconception

Pakistani social media users often struggle to differentiate between culture and religion, leading to extensive scrutiny of celebrities for their religious remarks or fashion choices.

Recently, Pakistani model Erica Robin faced harsh criticism on social media for her fashion choices, sparking a response from the star,

Wearing a cropped white blouse, denim shorts, and a shrug, Robin looked ready for a festival.

However, the comments section didn’t feel the same way about the ensemble and expressed their disapproval of the model’s choices in fashion, modesty, and personal expression.

Social media users attacked Robin for her purported attempt to blend in with Western society as soon as she set foot on foreign soil, mocking the model for her prior remarks about dressing modestly to reflect her Pakistani culture and her current ensemble.

“Isn’t she the one who was saying she dresses according to the culture?” a commenter on Instagram asked. These days, I struggle with trust.

Some people defended Robin in response to the outpouring of vitriol. “Instead of saying this and that about her, you all should be proud of her,” one Instagram user stated. Not on beaches, but only at Miss Universe, does she represent our culture.”

One more said, “What’s up with all of you? She is Miss Universe just because she represents our culture. Her minority is Pakistani. She is free to dress anyway she pleases,

I don’t understand why I can’t unfollow you,” said another. I’m beginning to despise you, woman, even though I still kind of like you!

Is it really necessary to blend in with the crowd by wearing a dress this bare?” “She will deeply regret being born in Pakistan,” said another.

What is wrong with you all?” said another. In Miss Universe, she just represents our culture. She is a minority Pakistani. She is free to wear whatever she wants.”

“I have no taste in Western clothing. Pakistani clothing is the greatest. But you have my deepest regard. By representing Pakistan honourably in the world’s largest competition, you created history.

Since you’re not Muslim, you had the option to wear a bikini, but instead you opted for a burkini. Will adore you forever. When my daughter grows up, I will tell her about you. Respect,” said a second person.

Alongside the outpouring of hate, other users defended Robin. “You all should be proud of her instead of saying this and that about her,” a person on Instagram stated.

She alone represents our culture at Miss Universe; she is not mentioned on beaches.

While Robin remained silent in the face of this criticism, a clip from her interview on the Adnan Faisal Podcast appears on her Instagram account.

In it, she offers her opinion on the widespread misperception regarding the distinction between culture and religion.

Robin talked about her personal experiences growing up as a Christian in Pakistan during the episode. She explained that although she is a devout Christian, societal conventions influence her wardrobe decisions.

Robin gained prominence when she represented Pakistan in the Miss Universe 2023 contest, honouring the traditions and heritage of her native country.

Robin’s first big break came when she appeared in the July 2020 issue of DIVA Magazine Pakistan wearing a gorgeous Tabassum Mughal outfit.

In August 2020, Robin left her profession as a model to take a new position at Flow Digital as an assistant manager.

In December 2020, she made a lengthy trip from Lahore to Kallar Kahar. Robin, a passionate traveller, supposedly travelled to Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, in April 2021 before taking a quick trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in December of the same year.

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