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Director of ‘Animal’ Explains the Reason Behind Portraying Bobby Deol’s Character as a Muslim

Director of 'Animal' Explains the Reason Behind Portraying Bobby Deol's Character as a Muslim
Director of 'Animal' Explains the Reason Behind Portraying Bobby Deol's Character as a Muslim

The director of Kabir Singh had some questions, one of which was why the movie’s antagonist was a Muslim.

During a recent interview with Galatta Plus, Sandeep shared the reasoning behind designing Bobby Deol’s character, Abrar, the antagonist in his upcoming movie, as a Muslim even though he comes from a Sikh family.

Abrar is portrayed as Rannvijay Singh’s cousin, who is portrayed by Ranbir. Sandeep explained that the goal was to create opportunities for future storylines rather than to portray the Muslim community in a negative light.

Sandeep clarified that Bobby’s character needed to change due to the psychological trauma in his past. “I’ve seen people go to a church or see a baba, and he’ll give some taweez (pendant), change your name,” he said, describing the moment when they enter a state of zero confidence.

Many have experienced so much that they have had to change their religion, as I have witnessed. At their lowest, they perceive it as a total identity shift, like a new birth.

Many people are converting to Islam and Christianity, but there are never any Hindu conversions that we observe.

According to the director, he was able to depict Abrar as having multiple wives and being able to have multiple children because of the idea.

Since Muslims allow for the marriage of multiple wives, I reasoned that I would use this. I could have several cousins with distinct facial features, which would increase the drama.

That’s the sole explanation. He clarified that he had no intention of portraying a Muslim negatively.

In Animal, after his father dies tragically, Abrar experiences a severe emotional change that leaves him mute.

He starts a vendetta against Ranvijay out of a desire for vengeance following the tragic death of his brother, only to later learn of their unexpected familial connection.

The movie has caused controversy, though, because of a scene in which Abrar, devastated by his brother’s passing, lets his frustration out on his wives. He also violently approaches his new bride in an unsettling turn of events that results in a scene that shows marital rape and draws criticism from some places.

Bobby had previously discussed it with The Quint and said, “I’m not trying to promote anything.” Indeed, it was necessary. How do you capture the essence of a character in such a brief amount of time, demonstrating his abilities and character traits?

These scenes were all necessary. He added that Prakash Kaur, his mother, was unable to watch the movie.

However, Mansi Taxak, the actor who played Abrar’s third wife in the recently released film, got into hot water earlier for remarks she made about her contentious wedding night scene.

Nonetheless, Mansi refuted claims of any assault taking place at the scene in a Zoom Entertainment interview. In that particular scene, the actor nodded at Abrar’s “twisted” nature, explaining his actions as a result of his “animal instincts.

Mansi was asked directly about the wedding scene during the interview, where Abrar is shown reacting violently to the news of his brother’s death.

She said, “Of course it’s shocking.” Nobody anticipates that being how their wedding will end. You can see how beautifully the artwork was done and the lights when the wedding sequence begins. You hear the song that has become an Instagram sensation.

The actor noted that the scene’s opening aesthetics were pleasing to him. “It was heading towards a beautiful end and suddenly, you see something like this happening.

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